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Whether it slipped out of your hand while you were on a call or you left it on top of your car when you drove away, the glass is definitely damaged. What do you do now? And saving the money it would cost for a new phone is always nice. Adding a screen protector might help keep the glass from cracking further, too.

A glass protector like the one above from BodyGuardz might prevent further spidering. Finding someone with an old phone you can use for a while will give you the time to figure out if you can repair your phone or if you need a replacement. So get to posting on Facebook, tweet it out, and send out millions of emails.

You never know who will be willing to assist! Learn To Fix Anything With These 4 Websites You can spend hundreds of dollars to have a professional help you out, or you can learn how to fix it yourself for the cost of some tools and a couple hours of work. Cons, of course, include the chance that you might mess something up.

YouTube is another great place to find tutorials for things like fixing your cracked screen. And there are plenty of places to find cheap replacement screens and other parts. Are there any security vulnerabilities? What about fraud and counterfeits? Little phone repair shops are popping up everywhere, and an easy Google search is bound to guide you to one. You may have to pay hourly, but a practiced technician can replace a screen in a few minutes. Here's how to go about it. Many sites will also give you credit for buying a used phone when you trade yours in.

Does it actually have a functioning screen? You may even be able to find something on Craigslist, but we understand how shady that can be. This is merely a reminder to look in the more obvious places for replacement phones, too.

And, of course, the most obvious option: Sometimes you just need to pony up the cash to replace your damaged device. It might be painful to spend that much money. But it might be cheaper in the long run than buying a replacement and upgrading a few months later anyway. If you were already thinking about upgrading in the near future, it might be best to just do it now.

Buy Unlocked Phones and Save Hundreds Unlocked phones can cost a fortune, but the savings more than make up for it. You can save thousands by not signing a contract.

We've got six phones that come contract free! What other solutions do you have for a cracked phone screen? What did you do the last time you cracked your screen? Share your tips in the comments below! Your email address will not be published. In order to trade your iphone in, the cracked screen needs to be fixed anyway, if you want to get the credit for it.

I would wait as long as possible and then fix it close to when you plan to trade it in, so you don't crack it AGAIN and have to pay to fix it a second time before trading in. I used packaging tape and it last way longer then a screen saver. I have even dropped and thrown phone and no new damage has been done. Not to mention it's way cheaper then screen savers and is usually around the house anyways.

Fpk- Yes it still works. Even if you end up getting a bubble or two in the tape. I'm useing my phone that i used the tape on right now. I'm pretty sure tape does nothing to hold in the cracks. Assuming that your phone is already cracked, it's better to use superglue or a clear nail polish to seal in the cracks. A few bubbles don't bother me since the upper left corner of the phone has a lovely spiderweb crack I cracked my screen when phone fell out of my pocket.

Fortunately phone still worked but glass splintered. I purchased a screen cover and it has created a new smooth surface that is safe to use and is helping keep the screen together. It will keep this samsung 7 edge going a while longer. I broke my phone at Disney World.

Don't stay for the Magic Kingdom fireworks and expect to leave the park at closing time with everything intact. It was a madhouse. The way I cracked my phone is completely irresponsible of me. First of all, I have an iPhone 5c and I know that it is a really crappy phone, including the cheapest one Apple has ever sold ever!

So, I always like flinging it around and catching it in the air again. Don't judge it's so fun to do, and since I don't care about my phone, I did whatever I want. The guy, a custodian dude, got it for me and it was completely unresponsive.

BTW, it was already cracked and it was just a minor one, just across the top of the front of the phone and like a line across a centimeter of the edge, which happened earlier this year. It was really warm after being in the lamp.

Today, this is the exciting part, for you guys and not me, I was bored. I threw my phone in the air about 4 times in my 4th-period class. I didn't catch it. It hit the corner of the desk and then fell face first on the floor. I was shocked, and I went to go get it. I got it and the blue part of the phone, the plastic "cover" that is connected to the phone was a little popped out and it was creepy.

So, I just saw that and fixed it by pushing it in. By turning it on, I noticed the worst thing ever. It's screen, like the inside of it, broke. Now it has like rainbow lines across the top covering the bottom of the screen until the top of the time. I can see the battery, that's all and all the Verizon LTE stuff. Then there was this black liquid like across it. So, my phone didn;t crack, the screen just broke.

I was so shocked at that moment that I lost control if my hand and dropped my phone. Tada, my screen shattered as well. Completely top to bottom. My mom knows cause I had to tell her.

She says I'm not getting a new phone even though my contract ended today and my birthday is tomorrow. She wished me good luck telling my dad. He is about to get home from work. And you're probably smart and do deserve a good phone, but even so I'd love to put your head into a large vice and crank it until your brains started squirting out of your ears.

So tough, you comment a year later to anonymously threaten someone you probably don't know. We're shaking in our boots. The way I broke my phone screen is I'm not proud of it either. Now I'm only a kid so I have to talk to my mom about it anyway.

If I don't get a phone well it's not the end of the world. Plus it's good that I can't use my phone now cause my tests are ahead.

If only the laptop was out of the way as well I completely shattered my phone. Everything else still works. But it's just that There are pieces that have fallen out, so now I can see the inside of my phone. One side has already popped out, as in my screen can just get ripped off if I just used force, I've already tapped it against a hard surface so the excess glass can come out.

Please note that there are still some pieces left to be taken out, so I can still cut myself. This really sucks for me because my phone is cracked and I still have 2 more years left on my contract?

If someone has any advice please, you are welcome. She doens't have much money and she just bought it. She is too scared to tell her familiy. Buy a tempered glass screen protector, as long as it is cracked and not shattered or smashed, it will make the crack invisible and prevent further damage. You need to seal in the cracks firstly or else they'll keep spreading when met with force regardless of what is on top of it.

crack getting over it

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crack getting over it

Good read for a plane ride or a beach vacation. Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine that is made by mixing powdered cocaine with water and either baking soda or another weakly basic substance such as ammonia. National Drug Intelligence Center. She writes of real life and while I'm assuming that the primary audience for her books would be women in their 20s and 30s, I do think there is the potential for broad appeal. Oct 20, Kathy Hiester rated it it was amazing. We have a ton of free information throughout this website. The plot disappointed me. The worst jobs for a crack head include: I was so shocked at that moment that I lost control if my hand and dropped my phone. Many people will re-initiate or continue to use crack to relieve the symptoms. What other solutions do you have for a cracked phone screen? They will probably be restless and talkative. Anonymous June 23, at 6:

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