Honey select emf patch

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Atelier Tia ver 0. A Town Uncovered ver 0. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. And now that I took over the task of packaging and releasing such mod bundles, I want to push those even further forward And allow players to have more fun.

And even more fun , if possible. The MF Patch will focus on providing a complete, up-to-date, uncensored, and translated experience to players in a single package. Meanwhile, the EMF Patch will include the exact same content and top it off with a curated selection of the most-used and most-favoured mods, in order to deliver to players the very best of our awesome modding community within a single installation.

Internal Test Version - Unreleased. Last edited by Dr Yoshi; February 20th, at This will help people inexperienced to modding alot. Thank you for taking this big task. Do you plan to release and maintain this on HF too? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by enimaroah.

Congratulations for the first two patches! The stub could still contain a link to this topic on AS, but HF users searching for the patch will find it at least. This might prevent "where is the patch" questions in other topics hopefully.

And I could make the stub closed after your creation. So support can be directed to this topic on AS as well except for some Chrome-worshippers thinking themselves secure. It will be very useful for casual users and modders alike. Now instead of teaching people how to install or repair mods one by one you can just send them to the big patch I noticed a few possible problems tho, although that's to be expected from an early release. For instance, I wouldn't include custom juice textures for now, it's beta version and needs more testing, right now pantyhose for instance is showing behind the panties, and not above as intended.

This is a layer problem and there might be others I didn't find yet, like with swimwear or god knows what. Fixes are on the way tho. Also, I believe "4k diffuse initial pack" is a very tricky mod to include right now, since it will render vanilla skins unusable therefore screwing already made characters until the skin is manually changed.

I don't know how well will it react with suntans, aside from the thing you already mentioned skintextmod, tattoos, moles, etc. Make sure this is stated in the installer can't test it right now so sorry if it was already or we might end up making it worse for the casual users!

I wouldn't recommend including the Skin Diffuse pack, unless you want plenty of extra questions and headaches from both newbies and veterans, alike. Only a fool would expect a debut to be perfect. Originally Posted by Stampar. Thanks a lot, this was much needed! Now instead of teaching people how to install or repair mods one by one you can just send them to the big patch. I noticed a few possible problems tho, although that's to be expected from an early release.

Originally Posted by tmvaegis. Stampar - I was just about to point that out, as well. Originally Posted by hentai7. By AwfulArchdemon in forum Hentai Corner. September 20th, , September 12th, , September 10th, , June 25th, , December 12th, , Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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honey select emf patch

Honey Select – Build your own models and fulfill your fanatasy

Lazy signature because yeah. Does anyone know how to fix this? But I made a Sarah. Since HF is currently undergoing pretty severe issues, I will only provide minimal information and support through this board. Honey Select - Loli mod? Where did you get the official Vr patch. It's good to hear!


September 20th, , I just released the first iteration of the new patches for Honey Select, and made it available on AS I'll also post on HF when the board stops crapping: Particularly the 4th pic, Im guessing it's done in Studio, but I dont remember there was a preset pose of the girl clinging onto the adult woman like in the pic. Please can you give a mega link etc? I can't find them anywhere. I will try to keep the second message from the first page right under the OP up-to-date, but cannot guarantee its content to be accurate, due to the caching problems the forum is facing.

Honey Select | Kasumi

honey select emf patch

I really wonder where I went wrong lol I don't see anything wrong. I can recommend it because I love hentai and you do too. I downloaded the patches, but have no game to patch.. Disk 1 installed in a few seconds, then I got a prompt to I'm assuming switch discs. Why no flatchest yuri? Count to a million Today, Definitely i can throw teasers in here of what I've made. It expands to about 8GB or so, and you'll need something that reads rar5 archives. There's loads of skins out there for skintextmod but since I don't have any problems with skins I can't recommend one over another.

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Honey select emf patch
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